Lyft my legs over your head.

I lowered my phone after searching for a lyft driver home. When I got into his car I couldn’t wait to get home and flick my cunt button while watching my favorite aggressive porn.

But I looked to my left and laid eyes on the most gorgeous man I had ever seen! 

His caramel skin reflecting the moonlight as it shown into the drivers seat. I then noticed a sparkle on his ring. He is married!  

My curiosity rose! And i discreetly removed my panties, slowly rolling them down my legs from within my skirt.

I caught him watching out of the corner of his eyes, he was confused and yet didn’t want to make any assumptions.

I then began to in button my shirt slowly at the same time slowly pulling my skirt back revealing my bald dripping wet kitty cat! 

I felt the car swerve and that’s when i realized he was shocked with what was happening! 

I didn’t wait any longer ! I grabbed both hands and tore my blouse open, buttons flew onto the dash in front of me. 

He looked at me startled and said “what the fuck are you doing? ”

I didn’t answer I just continued what I was doing, I pulled my clip from it’s holder on my bra! Rolled down his window and tossed it from the car! 

The crisp breeze pouring into the car blew across my exposed nipples making them immediately perky.

My skirt around my waist, and my breast exposed i began massaging my tits with one hand while my other hand went three fingers inside me.

His jaw dropped! He couldn’t believe what was happening! 

He said ” ma’am I’m going to have to ask you to stop that and cover yourself”

I stopped, looked him in the eye and said…

“Sir I’m going to have to ask you to fuck me”

He laughed and choked at the same time, and repeated “seriously ma’am I need you to stop immediately”

And my rebuttal was “seriously I need you to fuck me!”

He began to tell me he was happily married, and would kick me from his car if I didn’t obey. 

While he was talking I got on my knees in my seat, leaned over his console, and began to unbutton his belt and pants.

While in pulled at his pants i felt his buldging rod pulsing through his pants.

He kept saying stop, but he wasn’t pushing me away.

The more I pulled his pants down, he lifted his hips to help me pull them down, and continued to say stop, but again didn’t push me away.

Finally his beautiful big black cock slipped from the hole in the front of his boxers.

And i fell forward like a tree falling, and his meat went tonsil deep in my throat.

He sighed and moaned and continued to say stop, but began to thrust upward into my mouth. 

One hand on the wheel and the other on my head, forcing me down as far as my throats would allow his cock.

I could feel the tears flowing from my eyes, from the choking that was happening.

I felt his hand grip my hair and rip my head from his cock. Holding my head up he looked me in the eyes and said, ” I said I’m a  happily married man, and i said fucking stop, but since you won’t listen I’m going to have to make you”

He pulled the car over into the self car wash of a closed chevron station. And told me I owed $15.00 and demanded I pay immediately. 

I took my card from my wallet and paid him expecting him to kick me out of the car.

After I paid he said now get out of the car. So I did. 

As soon as I stepped out of the car he sped off without warning. 

Now I’m left standing in a shutdown gas station car wash, with just a skirt on.

So I didn’t what any person in my situation would do, I decided to call a friend lol. 

When I reached into my purse to grab my phone I felt the heat of head lights on my half naked body. Scared and nervous because I’m in a bad area I knelt behind a trash can. I heard a door open and close. 

And heard a voice say ” I am still happily married, but you need to be taught a lesson”

He walked to the trash can and jerked me by the arm, threw me against the wall and began to thrust his fingers in a rocking motion between my legs rubbing against my pussy. 

The faster he got, my cunt dripped father and further. I began to shake and quiver as I felt my body jerk, and I let out a shout in pleasure. I felt my pussy juice dripping down my legs as I came all over his hands.

He then turned me around, picked me up and threw me on the hood of his car.

He dropped his pants, exposing his beautiful black chocolate rod in the beam of the headlights.

He walked up to me pushing me onto his hood, the heat of the engine on my back, he then in an angry hulk like motion ripped my skirt from my body. 

I was completely naked, sort of frightened at his aggression, but so wet because of it as well.

He asked if I had a condom, I said in my purse. 

He slipped it onto his dick, lifted my legs on his shoulders and insterted his throbbing cock into me.

He didn’t go gentle, he thrusted as fast and as hard as he could go, immediately sending me into a screaming and moaning frenzy. The harder he fucked the louder I got, he said “that’s right scream bitch”

I began to scream “fuck me harder, fuck me harder!”

As he pumped faster and faster I began to cum again, my body thrusting upward, twitching, and I let out a roaring moan as my puss squeezed around his cock!

He didnt stop to give me a break, no matter how hard I tried to push him because of the sensitivity. 

All of a sudden he pulled out, ripped the condom from his cock and exploded all over my exposed cunt and stomach.

He looked at me, said fuck you pulled his pants up pulled me off of the car got in his car and drove away, leaving me stranded completely naked, covered in cum in a pretty bad part of town.

So this time I actually got to call a friend to pick me up. 

She laughed as she pulled up, and said “Alison, please stop being such a slut lol”

To the lyft driver, I had a blast. Sorry for putting you in that situation, but at least you “came” through for me! Lol 

Hopefully your wife doesn’t read these blogs, because she would probably figure out it was you 🙂 driving that white Toyota Camry with the sticker on the back that says coexist;)

Whoops! Lol

Signing out.



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