Cousins Make Dozens

The other day I got a call from my cousin Amanda telling me I left my iPad at her house. She mentioned I could come pick it up anytime between 11am&2pm last weekend. 

She mentioned it was extremely important that I only come by then and if I didn’t it would be a few weeks before I could get it back because she would be away on vacation with her newly fiancé soon to be hubby. So I honored her request and made my way over to her house. 

I would’ve made it before 2 except the traffic in the city was STUPID !!! So i actually arrived an hour later. I was so upset that I went all that way and wasted time in traffic. That is until I arrived and saw her car still in their driveway. 

I figured what the heck I’ll try and see if the door was unlocked, and much to my surprise it was, except all the lights were off.

I opened the door and made my way into the house thinking maybe she was out with her fiancé and would be back shortly. 

As I walked through the house I could hear what sounded like someone punching the wall. 

Curious and startled I creeped my way over to the bedroom door only to see it open and my cousin bent over her dresser being slammed from behind by a guy I had never seen before! 

At that moment I backed away quickly catching my breath. This wasn’t my cousins fiancé but it definitely was Amanda, and Amanda was enjoying whoever it was. 

Now me being my sneaky slutty self decided I would take another peek. 

So I dropped to the ground and quickly and quietly crawled to the door and poked my head around.

This time the guy had one of her legs propped up on the dresser and both arms pulled behind slamming and slamming away at her . The harder he pumped inside her the louder she would moan, but It was a muffled moan. I then noticed it was because her panties were stuffed in her mouth, and his neck tie was wrapped around her neck ever so gently but enough to let her know he was in control.

Watching my cousin (3rd) get fucked so hard by a stranger only excited and fuled my slutty desires. I slowly pulled my shorts and panties off so I could rub slowly over my moist and enflammed clit while watching this man fuck the shit out of her.

As I kept watching he picked her up and slammed her on the bed with her legs over his shoulders and began to slam into her like a jackhammer.

The more he fucked her the louder she let out muffled squeals. The faster I finger blasted my pussy. Soon I found myself covering my mouth not to give away my presence as i squealed in pleasure watching this beautiful sight of pure erotic fun.

It was in this moment I realized I wanted to see if porn could actually be real, and if I made myself known what would happen.

So i slowly crawled into the room as to not be seen straight away. I reached up behind this man and began rubbing my hands over his 6pack and chest. He immediately jumped back in surprise and my cousin looked down on the ground to see me. She screamed “WHAT THE FUCK ALISON!” I then jumped up onto the bed shoved my fingers in her mouth and said “Shut the fuck up bitch and let’s do this together”

She struggled to get me off of her , but as soon as my fingers slid inside her dripping wet slit she calmed down and began to thrust her hips upward rubbing her clit against my palm. 

It was then i felt a nice meaty cock slide deep inside my hot box. As I began to finger fuck Amanda this man began to fuck me so hard. 

I guess it was the sight of two hot naked girls on top of one another, but stranger danger didn’t last long, as I made Amanda cream all over my fingers I felt that nice Salty sticky man juice begin to ooze out of my pussy. 

Yep this fucking asshole came inside me. As Amanda screamed in extacy I looked back and slapped the mother fucker across the face. 

Amanda snapped quickly out of her orgasmic trance when she realized what had happened . She screamed “Darren as if you didn’t pull out!!!”

We both began to slap him as he tried to gather his clothes, he then scrambled and got what he could and bolted out of the house. 

Amanda looked at me and said “seriously what the fuck Alison!?” 

I smiled and said What’s Marcus gonna say?

She looked stunned and knew I had her dead to rights.  She couldn’t handle the weight of the secret of cheating on her fiancé so she told him a few days ago. (The weddings off lol) but hey except for the dumb cunt cuming in me it was fun:)

 And for those reading this Amanda was cool with being a part of my sexcapades.

Amanda, love ya girl. 

Signing out A.B


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