Parking Garage 

I had gotten really close to this guy I met a while back, let’s call him “Bill” lol.

Bill and I had met at a friends after work party. He was a very tall attractive mixed man with extremely beautiful eyes!

He asked for my number through my friend and from that moment we started to get close.

We would hang out a lot after work, a lot of nights we would go to the city and dance, and really just hang out! (He was one of those sweet take it slow guys)

He always brought me presents like flowers and cute stuff like that.

Well one day we were both a bit drunk. I was comped a free room at the local casino in New Orleans

( side note, you don’t have to play but like once every so often and they send you free rooms! You should definitely check it out)

Anyways back to my story! Instead of him catching an uber all the way back to his apartment on the north shore, I invited him to come stay with me at the hotel.

Honestly I wasn’t expecting much from him, I really thought we were going to just go back and sleep, because I was pretty exhausted.

Well we had parked my car in a public parking in a pretty sketchy part of town, and I didn’t want to leave it there, so we drove it back to the hotel where it’s a secured parking garage.

As I drive in going further and further up the ramps I noticed it was a full night at the casino that night. The only spot available was at the very top of the garage.

So I pulled into a space and started to get out of the car.

Now I mentioned earlier that bill was an it drunk and it was in that moment that I found out bill doesn’t have as gentlemen as a side when he’d drunk like he does when he’s sober.

I clicked the lock on the car, as we got out, and as I started waking to the stairway I felt a hand grab my arm and swing me around.

It was bill.

As soon as I faced him he said to me, I’m drunk, and I’m rock hard. Lol cheesy line, but that’s all it took for me to push him up against my car and pull his pants down, drop to my knees and start throat fucking his extremely hard what looked to be at least 9 inch think mixed skin cock.

He threw his head back in drunken pleasure while I stroked back and forth with both my hands and mouth around his huge throbbing rod.

The faster I went the deeper into my throats it went, Gagging me, causing me to slobber like a dog salvaging over a juicy stake.

I began to feel my inner thighs become so moist and wet with cum. Because having a huge cock in my mouth makes me so wet and horny, and sensitive to where I could cum just at the slightest touch.

While I face fucked his man meat, I felt the zipper on the back of my dress rip apart, I’ll never forget the tearing sound. It wasn’t long until I felt my bare 34 c breast exposed in the sticky humid air.

It was then that I felt two hands pull me up from behind, so I wasn standing bent over pinning bill against my car with his coxknin my mouth.

As soon as I stood to my feet I felt the rest of my dress tear off of my body, but i didn’t care, I was in the zone.

I then felt my Lacey black panties slide down my legs full of my pussy juices. And in that moment I felt another giant cock slide inside of my dripping soaking wet cunt.

It startled me! I knew I was only up here with bill, but what I didn’t realize was my other friends were coming back with us as well. And one of them is a 6foot 6inch black man named damion.

Damion took a cab back to the hotel to meet us there, when he  saw us pull into the parking garage, to park. He knew we were drunk and came up to make sure we made it safe, and to help us to the room.

When he reached the top exposed roof of the parking garage he saw me on my knees sucking bills big bone and decided he didn’t want to miss out on this moment.

So back to the sex!!

When i saw it was damion I smiled and he winked at me and then began to ram me with so much power bills cock began to go deeper into my theory causing my eyes to water and to near vomit all over bill.

I loved the pain and the thrill of these two men about to ravage me on the roof of a public parking lot at 12 o’clock at night.

The harder damion pounded me the harder I sucked. It was in one moment that he grabbed my hair pulling me off of bills cock, when I let out a shriek and screamed destroy my white girl pussy! Fuck me harder!

Bill then grabbed my head and said “shut the fuck up nasty slut and take it” and then forced his cock into my mouth again.

If you had been looking from afar it would’ve looked like a human pendulum swing, back and forth on these massive meat sticks.

I was a raggdoll and I loved every second of it.

Sam ion pumped faster and faster, as did bill. My screams of pain and pleasure muffled by the sound of his meaty rod filling my mouth.

When all of a sudden damion pulled out to cum all over my bare round naked ass.

And while I felt his sticky black man load all over my ass and back, I began to feel an posting of thick sticky and salty cum drop down my throat, it began to fill up my cheeks and run out of my mouth.

Both bill and damion grunting in pleasure as they made me their beautiful sweet little white girl cum dumpster, up on the top of that parking garage.

The exciting thing about this garage is, at the top you are exposed to all the hotels around. And at any moment during that amazing fuckfest, anyone could’ve looked down upon us, or driven up to find themselves a spot to park as well.

Bill, Damion! I love you both! And I love our sex adventures ! They all started that night! And put fun times will now give me more and more to write about going forward.

Signing out



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