The stranger at table 12

I work as a waitress at a steak house about 45 mins from my home.

I was waiting tables one night when a group of people came in and were seated at my table. 

When I approached the table I could see one very handsome man catch eyes with me. He winked subtly and I smiled. All the while I noticed the women at the table were not impressed by me whatsoever lol! (Must’ve been my short shorts, or the fact that I sucked on the pen as I took their order)

I noticed throughout the night that one man kept staring at me, it really didn’t seem out of the ordinary at first because not in a bitchy stuck up way, but men often stare lol.

When I was collecting their plates and dropping their check off I leaned over the table, to feel something slip into my tight back pocket! I kind of jumped but I knew it was that man slipping his hand and something into my pocket.

When I went to the kitchen I reached into my back pocket and noticed a credit card like object inside a folded piece of paper.

I opened it to see a holiday inn room key and a letter that said

“My room number is 308, my number is ######, taking a risk, let’s see what happens ”

This guy was SEXY! Like James Bond hot lol.

Anyways I was intrigued so on my break I texted him. He responded quite quickly and asked me to meet him at my restaurants bar when I got off work, so a few hours later i freshens up in the bathroom and went over to the bar and chatted with this stranger.

He began to tell me he couldn’t resist but to take a risk and reach out to me. 

I said why? 

And he replied “because I looked like too much fun!”

So we chatted for about 35/40 mins when he said he was going back to his hotel and for me to come by later and use the room key if I wanted to.

Now all of this made me nervous, because at least meeting people online you get the time to make a connection. It was meeting a total stranger that had so much risk, but I enjoy risk that I couldn’t pass it up.

I worked up the courage and made my way to his room. When i knocked on the door to his room he opened with a huge smile and seemed cautious as to if anyone was watching.

He welcomed me in quickly and straight away grabbed my face as to kiss me. I began to kiss him back for a few seconds and the pulled away as to ask him to pace himself.

I asked him what brought him to town, and he began to say he and a group of friends were visiting, and the reason he was rushing was because his roommate had went out and he didn’t know when they would return.

So again I took a risk. We began kissing very passionately I might add. Then he began working his way to my neck and nibbling on my ears ( a huge weak spot of mine) a few seconds of that hand me on my knees in front of him unbuttoning his pants trying to ravage his rod like a dog dogging for a bone.

I pulled his nicely circumcised penis from his pants and began to lick it like a lollipop. I swirled my tongue all around the tip all while jerking his cock with my free hands. 

I kept going faster and faster until I began to suck and slipped his cock into my Hoover of a mouth.

I began to slobber all over his meat making it so so wet, so when I was ready it would slip into my tight wet pussy with ease.

I mouth fucked his big stick for about 2 mins, and I couldn’t take it any longer, i needed it inside me.

I stood up and whispered in his ear, “fuck me” he then asked me to wait while he grabbed a condom. When he turned back to get his wallet I grabbed his arms and then yelled with a begging crackling voice “FUCK ME!”

His eyes got wide and he shoved his hands over my mouth and said shhhhh, then he threw me on the bed and climbed on top of me.

He stuck the head of his throbbing pole inside of me and began to Rock back and forth, making my already dripping pussy gush even more. And without any warning he thrusted forward and I gasped in pleaseure as his whole cock inched deeper and deeper inside me.

As he began to pump me faster and faster, I got louder and louder, and the louder I got the less he cared, it wasn’t long before the whole bed was tilting back and forth, and the head board began to hit the wall, we looked into each other’s eyes as we both felt the pleasure of our bodies touching, and I just giggled as he kept pounding into me.

Before I knew he threw me on my stomach it I was bent over in front of him and without hesitation he shoved his dick inside me with a force at which he never stopped. The slamming of his cock inside me made a clapping sound as the juices from my pussy met the touching of his hips and my ass.

This loud sound along with the head board still slamming into the wall, and the squealing and screaming from my mouth “fuck me! FUCK ME!” Made a beautiful fuckfest symphony that anyone walking by or in an adjacent room would be able to hear as plane as day! 

The louder things got, the less we could hear what was going on around us. Until we heard the unlocking of the hotel door. 

In the back of my mind for the split second it happened, I got excited at the thought of his roommate walking in and catching us.

That is until the roommate actually did walk in, and to my surprise it was the lady sitting next to him starring daggers at me at the restaurant, it was his wife 😖😔😣!!!

All I heard was a loud “WHAT THE FUCK!” and a loud wailing as if someone had died. 

She threw something that looked like keys at him covered her eyes (clearly she was crying) and ran out the door. 

This man stood back so confused as to if he didn’t understand why she was mad! He looked at me and said “oh well, let’s keep going” 

I laughed and said not tonight sweetie! I’m. It sticking around to get shot! 

And without even getting dressed I jumped up grabbed my clothes and purse and jetted out the hotel bare ass naked! Ran passed innocent bystanders and jumped in my car 🚗 started it up and bolted it out the parking lot.

I drove around for a good hour just to make sure no one followed me home. Then I made my way home, and noticed tons of text saying

 “I should’ve told you” 

“My bad”

“She’s not coming back so why don’t you”

I laughed while deleting them and took a shower and went to bed.

Needless to say that’s a first! And  Probably not a last. Lol!

Mrs lady of the stranger , I didn’t know you guys were married, my bad! He is a good fuck! And if he was fucking me it must mean that you aren’t.

Anyways there are better men! Go find a different one!

Signing out !

Alison Bailey. 


One thought on “The stranger at table 12

  1. Love it lol although I wouldn’t have stopped & you wouldn’t of had the chance to get away as I would ha e fucked you even harder


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