Get Out! 

I am an avid listener to that of adult radio shows on satellite radio. One day while on a vacation with my friend I happened to be listening through my headphones at the table.

Well this particular radio show was HOTT! And I mean people calling in and Cumming left and right!So I got the urge to call in.

I went to the bathroom at this seafood restaurant we were at, and sat in the stall, and called into the show.

Right away I was connected to all the steamy, saucy, sexy behavior that was happening on the air.

The host and her guest set up a scenario where there were pretending to be with me in the bathroom ripping my panties off and  one was tongue fucking my pussy and the other was finger banging my asshole.

All of this talk made me so wet and hott that it wasn’t long before I was touching my self.

With two fingers inside me and the other hand rubbing away on my clit, I began to squirm and pulsate on the toilet in the stall of that bathroom.

I was so hott and bothered that I had forgotten where I was! I began to cum so loud and hard that I couldn’t control myself. I was yelling things into the phone like,

 “fuck my right pussy with that big wet tongue”

” Make me cum!” 

“I’m such a slut! ”

I was so loud in fact that I heard the lady in the stall next to me jump up and run out of the bathroom.

A few mins later I wrapped up the phone call, washed my hands and joined my friend again for lunch.

When I got back to the table my friend looked at me and said “was that you?”

I smiled and giggled, and then noticed a stern tap on my shoulder.

“Ma’am I need to ask you to get out of my restaurant this instant!” We jumped up laughing and ran out of the restaurant to enjoy the rest of our vacation.

I do believe all those restaurant patrons will remember that day for the rest of their lives! Lol

To that special radio show! You know who you are! I’ll call again soon! You can get me into more trouble!

Signing out,

Alison Bailey 


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