Stop sometimes means GO!

I met this guy online, let’s call him “Mark”.

Mark was an attractive African American man in his mid 30’s who just happened to stumble across my twitter feed.
He lived relatively close to me, only about a 20/30 min drive to the town that I am from to his house.

After about an hour of DMing back and forth we exchanged numbers and decided to meet at the Loves truck stop close to the highway in my town.

I’m not gonna lie, in the back of my mind I was a bit scared, for two reasons.

1. I had never met up with anyone I just met online.

2. I had never been with a black man before.

So hopefully you can understand my nervous/excited state of mind.

When I pulled up to the truck stop I saw his black chromed out Ford Explorer circling the parking lot, so I honked my horn at him and waved for him to stop by my car.

(You could tell he was excited that I was the real deal lol)

He told me to lock up my ride and jump in because he was gonna take me for a ride and play a little game.

So I jumped out of my car, clicked the lock button on my keypad and hopped into his explorer.

Immediately I could see a swelling buldge in his Nike shorts.(it looked like he had been stroking it to get it started for me) I giggled, and with an embarrassed look he asked me what was so funny.

I told him it was a nervous laughter because I had never really hung out with a black man before (I never really was allowed to talk to black boys growing up!)

Mark assured me there was nothing to be nervous about, he just wanted to hang out, drive around and teach me a game he liked to play. With excited intrigue I said let’s do it.

He asked me if I’ve ever played a game called “stop sign” And with honesty I told him I hadn’t.

He explained the game to me like this.

You drive around with friends, and every time you see a stop sign you shout stop sign. The last person to say it has to remove an article of clothing.

Needless to say the first few rounds he had me in my panties, but it wasn’t long before I started to grasp the game and had him completely naked with his hard black cock throbbing right under the steering wheel.

The sight of that meaty black rod had me dripping through my panties all over his leather seats. I quickly became so light headed, the next thing I know I’m bent over the console with his cock in my mouth.

I started by licking slowly up his huge black shaft until I reached the tip, then I put just the tip in my mouth and circled my tongue around and around making him squirm as he tried to drive safely.

I began to feel his hand on the back of my head forcing my mouth further onto his huge pulsing rod. I then began to gag like I was going to vomit, but that didn’t turn me away it made me suck so hard and start mouth fucking his cock.

I then began to slobber everywhere, with spit and saliva running all down my cheeks, his thighs and huge meaty balls.

The faster I sucked the more he squirmed until I felt the car screech to the right and he jumped out of the car. I sat up quickly to see him on my side of the car jerking the door open, pulling me out, and throwing me over the hood of his car. As soon as I hit the hood I felt my panties tear right off of my legs and he began to spread my legs apart to then shove his cock deep in my wet, moist pussy.

As he began to fuck me I looked up to notice we were in a local apartment complex parking lot by the dumpsters. I guess he thought this was a private enough spot to fuck me, but what he didn’t realize in his excitement is that looking out right over the garbage bins was the balconies of one of the buildings.

All it took was for someone to go outside, and look down to see this huge black cock fucking me a little white girl. (The term cum dumpster seems appropriate right now lol)

Needless to say the though of some random people watch me get fucked over the hood of a car by a black man made me so horny that I began to cum so hard all over his huge cock.

The louder I screamed and moaned the more he choked me and shoved his hands tighter over my mouth as to not get caught.This aggression made me cum so much harder I began to jerk and squirm to get free.

Then all of a sudden I felt my bra pop from the strap and he threw me onto my knees completely naked and bare to all, and he began to jerk his rod until his hot salty load splooged out of his dick all over my mouth and bare breast.

After he came we both laughed aloud and jumped back into his car as we saw the headlights of a car approaching.

Mark didn’t wait to see if they were coming to investigate us, he floored it out of that complex, leaving my ripped bra, and panties on the ground .

Covered in his cum he dropped me back at my car, where I had to sneakily hop out and into my car without the people getting gas to see. I texted him I had fun, he replied he would see me again.

Mark if your reading this, you know who you are. I am ready to go again. This time lets skip the game and go straight to the fucking 😘

Singing out

Alison Bailey


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